Young Dolph Net Worth

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. professionally known by Energetic Dolph was an American rapper. In 2016, he streamed his show, Master of Memphis, which was ranked at number 49 on the Board 200 diagram.

Energetic Dolph’s seventh ranking, Rich Slave, was streamed in 2020 and transformed into his most significant outlining project, showing up at number four on the Announcement 200. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Thornton stayed in Memphis more often with his family and did so amid gossip about his retirement.

Donated his $25,000 to Hamilton Secondary School and gave a motivational speech to undergraduates. Thornton, who was known for serving Thanksgiving dinners, offered 200 turkeys to people in the West Diseases community a few days before his death and planned to serve an additional dinner a few days later.

Young Dolph Net Worth 2022:

The net worth of Young Dolph is 3 Million $. His monthly income is from $10,000 to $20,000. Young Dolph yearly income is about 0.5 $ Million. He is earning from his Youtube Channel. Young Dolph earns a lot of dollars from Youtube videos. Young Dolph also earned his money from his talent.

NameYoung Dolph
Net Worth 2022$3 Million
Annual salary$0.5 Million
ProfessionAmerican Rapper
Age36 Years

Young Dolph Early Life and Biography

He had two sisters and two brothers. His parents experienced many difficulties. Thornton said that in his native South Memphis area, many of his friends were raised by his grandmother because of the problems his parents faced.

He revealed that he initially identified Granny as “the meanest mom-lover on the planet,” adding, “At the time, I didn’t understand the crap. All the shit she told you.”, you’ll see that shit when you’re 15,” he said when he reached that age, he started using his lessons to make him more free throughout his life.

His grandmother often disallowed Thornton to bring his peers into the home, but occasionally let poor fellows stay with the family. As a teenager, He attended Hamilton Secondary School.


On the seventeenth of November 2021, Thornton was badly shot down in Memphis while getting goods for his mother at Makeda’s Specially designed Margarine Goods, a bread kitchen he constantly visited whenever he was back home.

Two shooters in a white two-entrance Mercedes-Benz shot him down. An assessment uncovered that Thornton had 22 gunfire wounds from shot sections and courses. A couple of wounds were upheld in the forehead and back.

Crowds of numerous people amassed the area of Thornton’s destruction for a seriously prolonged stretch of time; police expected to hold individuals back from entering the district while they investigated.

Biography of Young Dolph

Birth Name:Adolph Thornton, Jr.
Nickname:Young Dolph
DOB:July 27, 1985
Birthplace:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age:36 years
Mother’s name:Mrs. Thornton
Father’s name:Mr. Thornton
Siblings:two sisters and two brothers
Education:Hamilton High School
Height:In feet, 6’’3 inches
Weight:In kilograms; 78kg
Hair Colour:Black Colour
Eyes Colour:Black Colour
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife Name:Mia Jaye
Children:Tre and Aria
Social Media:YouTube
Profession:American Rapper
Net Worth:$3 Milion


In 2008, Dolph released his first mixtape, Newspaper Beat Mission. Two years later, he officially named his Newspaper Beat Realm in 2010. This was a free record and I didn’t have a daughter with a significant record. As a result, later that year he delivered Welcome 2 Dolph World.

With the arrival of the 2011 mixtapes Elegant Road Music and Posh Road Music Episode 2, Dolph began pursuing his own rap stream, styled like Memphis rappers Three 6 Mafia, 8 Ball, and MJG. moved away from and into a unique style described as ‘loud’. with “a charming narrative and a voice of extraordinary depth”.

As Dolph’s profile grew, in August 2014, Memphis rapper Yo Gotti offered him record management for Yo Gotti’s Aggregate Music Gathering brand (affiliated with Epic Records), but Dolph declined, leaving him free. I aspired to remain. In 2015, Dolph was featured in OT. Genasi doubled his platinum hit with his single “Cut It.”.

In February 2016, he distributed the Ruler of Memphis presentation collection under his own newspaper Beat Domain brand, placing 49th on the Bulletin 200. Other Memphis rappers (including Yo Gotti and his Blac Youngsta, Gotti’s daughter) resented the title of the collection, with Blac Youngsta driving a rogue group to track down Dolph in Memphis and dissing him accordingly.

The track “SHAKE Total (Dolph Diss)” has been released. In 2017, Dolph delivered a diss track against Yo Gotti called “Play Mind Yo ‘Bitch” and taunted Yo Gotti to deliver a reaction tune. Play Mind Yo’ Bitch” music video has been distributed. His car apparently took over 100 shots, but it was completely penetrated and no one was hurt.

Dolph used the exposure he gained from filming to evolve his second studio collection, his Unbeatable. In February 2018, he delivered his long track Niggas Have Chance Ordinary, referencing his previous event. Getting a kick out of the chance to stay on his own free name, Dolph communicated, “It genuinely was a sensible arrangement, a fair arrangement to tell the truth with you. However, it’s essentially, “I see something else”.

Dolph later uncovered that he denoted a record overseeing Domain Dissemination, and his September 2018 assortment Genuine model was conveyed under the name Paper beat Space, a joint undertaking between Paper beat Domain and Space Transport. The assortment peaked at number eight on the Board 200, acquiring all of the experts in their most significant top 10 assortments.

The assortment was made by BandPlay, who included different styles of beats in the assortment’s tracks. Observers for the assortment saw Dolph’s more unmistakable “songwriting range”, with “profundities of self-loathing and hopelessness” that was enhanced by the Key Glock’s “celebrations of himself”.

Young Dolph House and  Cars

Young Dolph has a very big and beautiful house. Young Dolph Loves cars and he has a very rare and good collection of cars.

Personal Life or Relationship 

Young Dolph’s father’s name is Mr. Thornton and his Mother’s name is unknown. Young Dolph is married to Mia Jaye. Dolph has a total of two children.

Real Estate or Asset

Young Dolph owns a Big house and a rare edition of Lamborghini. His net worth is $3 Million. He also has other rare edition cars.

Favourite Things:

Young Dolph’s favourite things are music and cars. Music and cars are his first priority. He has a good and rare collection of cars.

Frequently Asked Questions About

What is Young Dolph’s net worth?

The net worth of Young Dolph is $3 Million.

Why is Young Dolph very famous?

Young Dolph is a famous American Rapper.

Is Young Dolph married?

Yes, Young Dolph is married.

Where was He born?

Young Dolph was born in the United States.

What is the age of Young Dolph?

He is 36 years old.

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