Where do I start in an escape room?

Over the past few years, “escape rooms” have become a popular group activity worldwide. But nerds and geeks have the greatest fun with them, and for good reason: escape rooms are a unique test of mental acuity. If friends or relatives have asked you to go on an escape room team building adventure, or if you’ve never heard of them, keep reading to understand what to expect and if you’ll enjoy it.

What’s an escape room?

An escape room is a logic-based challenge that requires creativity, deduction, and collaboration. Playing point-and-click adventure games like Myst or Flash-based “escape the room” games will prepare you. A set payment per participant is charged when you book an escape room for 2–6 people. You’re “locked in” a room with clues, riddles, and red herrings. The objective is to escape the chamber at a certain time. If you don’t know what an “escape room” is, watch a video of the Korean variety programme The Great Escape, which takes the concept to the extreme. Most escape rooms won’t have the same production quality as the show, but it’s a good depiction.

Expectations for an Escape Room?

Most escape rooms require a 2-to-6-player group reservation. Some places can handle huge groups, but not lone gamers.

Escape Room Puzzles: How Many?

You must complete 10–30 riddles. In harder rooms, there are more problems to solve. As you solve problems, you’ll find new clues and puzzles; thus, each escape room contains numerous “phases.”

Escape Rooms: Time Limit?

More tough escape rooms can take 70–90 minutes, while easier ones take 30 minutes. At the deadline, you fail. If you’re stuck and don’t want to waste time, contact the game master for hints. Some locales prohibit clues, while others don’t care.

How to Enjoy an Escape Room?

Five keys to a great escape room games:

1. Choose the correct friends.

Going to an escape room with someone who doesn’t like it or complains the whole time destroys the fun. For the best enjoyment, go with a group that is creative, smart, and excited about the idea.

2. Contribute Without Fear

Any escape room group will inevitably have leaders and puzzle masters who set the pace. Don’t let your lack of intelligence stop you from participating. Never be afraid to express your observations and thoughts—a simple comment might resonate with another player.

3. Forget the time limit.

Time worries will distract you. Even if you run out of time, finish as much as your crew can. Escape rooms are exciting even if you fail to escape in time. Ask the game master to describe the remainder of the room if you’re intrigued.

4. Don’t fear failure.

Failure to escape an escape room is meaningless. That doesn’t imply you’re stupid or uncreative. Maybe your group didn’t get along, or the escape room designer didn’t plant enough clues or make the problems easy. Failure isn’t bad, so don’t let it ruin your experience.

5. Ask for Hints

Game masters in escape rooms are for your fun. Fun is their goal! They recognise that escape room frustration is exasperating. If you’re desperate, ask for help! Without cheating, you’ll have more enjoyment. Also, inform the game masters what your group wants from the playthrough. Sometimes game masters may steer you in the correct direction without asking, so let them know if you don’t want tips.

Key Takeaway 

Starting an escape room is intimidating, but a little planning helps. These methods will help you become an escape room legend. Ready to try these tips? Book your Next-Gen experience now!


Escape rooms last how long?

In the longest escape room in Florida, each game lasts 75–2 hours. Meet 15 minutes early for your game. Register and use our warm-up puzzles. You may celebrate, ask questions, and relax in our lounge after the game.

How old must I be to play escape rooms?

Children 5 and older can play in escape rooms. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Some elements of the game may challenge under-10s.

Is an escape game reservation necessary?

Only by booking your experience can you ensure your game and timing. Visits are welcome but not guaranteed.