Preity Zinta Net Worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, Income

Preity Zinta Net Worth 

As of 2022 Preity Zinta Net Worth: Preity Zinta is the most stunning and sensational Indian actress who is being in limelight since the start of her career. Her beautiful and glamorous looks and spectacular acting made her a millionaire with a 15 Million net worth. Let’s discern more about her in this column!

Preity Zinta Net Worth of  2022:

The total Revenue of Preity Zinta as of 2022 is 15M$. It is no doubt evident to all her source of income. She makes most of her revenue from her Performing career. Some resources report that she annually makes 12 Crore. Her regular and daily revenue is not identified.

 Profile of Preity Zinta:

Net Worth 202215M$
Annual salary12 Crore
ProfessionIndian Actress
Age46 years old

Premature Life and Memoir of Preity Zinta:

Born in 1975, Preity Zinta is the only girl in a family of two brothers. Her father who was in the army died early in her childhood. She, however, was an amazing student and got highly prolific degrees (English, Criminal psychology) from dignified institutes. She is Rajput and a Hindu as per her religion and caste. Her brothers too are well educated and well settled.

Biography Table of Preity Zinta:

Birth Name:Preetam
Date Of Birth31/1/1975
Age:46 years old
Mother’s name:Nilprabha
Father’s name:Durganand
Education:Highly qualified
Hair Color:Brown
Eyes Color:tanned
Sexual Orientation:Straightforward
Marital statuswedded
Lucky NumberUnder Review
PromoterUnder Review
WebsiteUnder review
AwardsMany (details given below)
Social Media:Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
Profession:Indian Actress
Net Worth:$15M

Career development of Preity Zinta:

The career of Preity Zinta is prolific which made her earn so much fame and popularity all over the world. She started her acting career in the late 19s and quickly got recognized for her versatile acting and amazing looks.

From 1999 to 2018, she did many successful films and earned many notable awards. She has acted in films in local languages. Entrepreneurship is another thing she began late in her career while working as an actress.

Personal Life of Preity Zinta:

Preity Zinta Husband

Her personal life is also quite dramatic. She keeps an amazing history of dating and relationships with co-workers and some renowned business persons. It is reported that she was in a relationship with a model Marc and a director Shekhar.

These relationships ended very soon and she moved ahead in life to start another relationship with a business person Ness. This relationship was profound so much that people suggested that both will soon tie the knot but they broke up eventually.

In 2016, however, she got wedded to Gene and is living contentedly with him. In 2021, she welcomed two twins from his recent husband i.e. Jai and Gia.

House and cars of Preity Zinta:

The car collection of Preity Zinta is impressive and aspiring to viewers. She does not own one car but a collection. It is reported that she is currently using the Lexus Crossover.

However, her favourite car brands are BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche as well. Her houses are also quite luxurious and grand. As of now, she owns dual households i.e. in Shimla and US.

Real estate of Preity Zinta:

Preity Zinta is a very famous TV personality who has many Real Estate assets. Some of the notable ones are her studio and a cricket team. She is also reported to have some versatile real estate assets in various countries. You may also want to read: Fortune Feimster Net Worth, Jaguar Wright Net Worth.

Awards & Achievements of Preity Zinta:

Preity Zinta is a superstar who has earned many awards in her life. Some of the prominent ones are enumerated beneath.

List of Preity Zinta’s Awards

Filmfare LuxNew Face1999
Zee CineBest Debut1999
Bollywood MovieBest promising actress1999
Zee CineQueen of heart2003
IIFABest actress2004
FilmfareBest actress2004
StardustArtist of the year2004
Zee CineCelebrity of the year2004
IIFAStyle Diva of the year2005
IIFAMost glamorous star2006
CLIFFBest Hugo actress2008

Favourite things of Preity Zinta:

As of her favourite things are concerned, it is said that she likes to eat Rice (Kadhi Chawwal) and Kahtti dal. She likes to do different things to relax and calm herself down. For example, sometimes she likes dancing to get her focus back.

Working out in the gym, reading and writing are some of her other ways to relax. In the Film industry, she likes the acting of Sunny Deol. She also loves to watch Titanic as her favourite movie. Gucci, Lux, and Burgundy are some of her favourite brands for every necessity.

Repeatedly Asked Queries:

Q: Why does Preity Zinta stop working?

A: Preity Zinta has been a very active star throughout her career but since 2018 it has been noticed that she does not act or signed any movies. In one of the interviews, she says that she does not like selling herself that’s why she is away from the industry.

Q: Is Preity Zinta Her real name?

A: No, Preity Zinta is not her real name. Her first name or birth name is preetam which later changed into Preity as of her demand in the industry.

Q: How many times did Preity Zinta Marry?

A: Although she keeps her private life hidden according to some media resources, it is said that Preity Zinta got married twice in her life.