Les Twins Net Worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriends

Les Twins Net Worth as of  2022:Les twins are world-renowned French-based dancers. Les twin is the stage name of a famous duo of dancers comprising two brothers i.e. Larry and Laurent. The duo got famous for their unique dancing moves and their appearance on a reality dance show. Both of them are now making millions from their unique dancing style and manner. So, let’s find out how much they make, their bio, and their career.

Les Twins Net Worth of  2022:

According to financial experts and analysts. It is believed that the overall net worth of the Les twins is accumulated to 5 to 6M$. Their per-project salary is yet to discover.

How much they make monthly, yearly, or weekly is also not disclosed yet. The source of their 80% net worth is their dancing career. 20% of, however, what they make comes from their business.

 Profile of Les Twins:

NameLarry and Laurent
Net Worth 20225M$
Annual salaryN/A
Age31 years old

Early Life and Biography of Les Twins:

Les Twins are two identical brothers who were born in France in 1988. Both of them were named Larry and Laurent. Youngest in the family of a sibling it is reported that they were born with the talent of dancing.

It is also informed in the newsflash that dancing was what they used to do in their childhood. They trained themselves on a self-education basis and started appearing in local dance competitions.

However, there is very less information available out there about their parents’ names and qualifications. We do not even have a clue about how much they have studied or did they went to school or not. Physically, both of the brothers look the same with 100./. same physical features. They are the same height and weight too.

Biography of Les Twins:

Birth Name:Larry and Laurent
Nickname: Les Twins
Date Of Birth6/12/1988
Birthplace:United States
Age:37 years old
Mother’s name:N/A
Father’s name:Not available
Education:None available yet
Height:6 ft.
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Shade:Black
Sensual Orientation:Normal
Matrimonial statusSingle
StandingUnder calculation
Lucky NumeralUnder Estimation
SupporterUnder Calculation
Social Media:Twitter
Net Worth:6M$

Career development of Les Twins:

The career of Les Twins started early as they got famous as street dancers. This earned them a chance to be performed in a famous reality dancing show. Their journey started at the local dancing show to performing and dancing professionally for international and national dancing shows.

In 2010, Les Twins got a chance to be a part of a famous Tv dancing show called ” The World of Dance Tour”. This show earned a lot of popularity and fame which made them in the limelight. Their participation in a dancing show called ” So You Think You Can Dance was another major hit for them.

The world still was unknown to them until they appeared on the show ” Ellen DeGeneres”. This show kind of introduced them to the world, especially in the US. Now, they are well-known and renowned famous people approach to work with them i.e. Missy Elliot.

In 2012, they got a chance to be a part of a Japanese TV network called Nippon TV which added more to their fame in the country. Later, they also worked as models for fashion designers and exhibited their talent on runways too. Their untapped and natural talent for dancing led them to be serving as choreographers.

In addition to dancing, they also have a business that is not too old. They have founded a perfume line that is doing pretty well and is adding to their overall worth.

Real estate of Les Twins:

We cannot collect information about their real estate as it is kept hidden and secure however, we can say that the fashion line they have started is their real estate as it is earning a hand amount for them.

Houses and Cars of Les Twins:

The data about the houses and cars owned by Les Twins is not available and is not in our access.

Personal Life of Les Twins:

Both the other brothers keep a flowering dating history. Back in the years, Laurent was said to be involved in a relationship with a girl named Jessica but the relationship ended soon Larry too was involved in a relationship with a female singer whose name is kept hidden.

He is said to have a kid with her but he does not own the child and has broken up with a girl. later in the year, he got involved with another girl Melissa but soon broke things up with her. Now, we don’t see any info about their relationship. For more information, you can visite our Homepage.

Favorite thing about Les Twins:

As most of their data is not public so we do not know their preference but dancing is their ultimate passion and they are doing wonders in this regard. One notable to be quoted is that dance is their innate talent and they were born with it as they have never wanted to an institution to learn the art of dancing.

Awards & Achievements of Les Twins:

Les Twins, although are, known all over the globe for their amazing talent but have not been awarded any bigger awards yet. They have earned many local trophies for them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Les Twins

Q: What is the net worth of Laurent and Larry’s individual?

A: Individually, the Les twins have never mentioned their income. They worked as a duo so earn almost the same. It is reported however that they charge 50k$ for a project but the figure is not yet confirmed.