Ken Nugent Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Salary, Wife, Education

An Accident Lawyer in Georgia, Ken Nugent

Ken Nugent is well known to Georgians for being on television, MARTA buses, billboards, or Falcon’s Football Radio – Dave FM.

Aside from his expertise and knowledge of Georgia injury law, his law firm also serves the Georgia communities. However, Ken Nugent’s marketing campaigns are only one part of his overall strategy.

Furthermore, Ken Nugent sponsors the Georgia Classroom Scholarship program as a dedicated Relay for Life volunteer. Ken’s commitment to Georgia extends to supporting Next Level Baseball Camps. Find out what Ken Nugent’s net worth is below. You can also find out about Simon Sinek Net Worth.

Biography – A Quick View

Full nameKen Nugent
Girlfriend/DatingNot Known
Marital StatusSingle
EducationNew York State University
Wife/SpouseNot Known
HeightNot Known
Age63 years old
Date of Birth21 May 1959
ProfessionAttorney (Lawyer)
CountryUnited States of America
ParentsMarguerite Nugent, George Nugent 
Net Worth$18 million

About Ken Nugent Life

For more than three decades, Ken Nugent and his family have served accident victims in Georgia with their successful law practice. 

Additionally, Ken Nugent Macon, GA, firmly believes everyone should have the same rights. No discrimination is based on ethnicity, education, handicap, or financial standing. Further, Ken Nugent sponsors and supports a wide range of youth-oriented events.

How Much Money Does Ken Make? – Ken Nugent Net Worth Disclosed.

Everyone is curious about How much is Ken Nugent Net Worth- The expected value of Ken Nugent’s net worth in 2023 is $18 million. However, It’s less than the famous musician Michael Harry-O Harris Net Worth. Furthermore, he receives compensation for his work as an accident attorney. Also, he has access to numerous pricey assets and residences, and he lives in a lavish home with his family in the Atlanta metropolitan region.

Who is Ken, What is the Secret of Ken Nugent Net Worth and all that.

Nugent was born in Georgia and has lived there for sixty years. Marguerite, who frequently appears on social media, is his mother. However, his father’s identity is unclear.

In addition, he completed his undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Albany. Further, He graduated from Emory University’s School of Law to become a lawyer.

After completing his bar exam, Nugent eventually joined the State Bar of Georgia. Since then, he has worked as an accident attorney and has defended several accident victims and their family members.

Height, weight, & age

Ken Nugent will be 63 years old in 2023. The height of Ken Nugent is N/A. Moreover, it’s uncertain what he weighs.

Ken Nugent’s early life & education

Ken Nugent was born in 1959 in Georgia. State University of New York in Albany awarded him a bachelor’s degree in 1977. Plus, he studied at the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta from 1977 to 1980 because he was motivated to become a lawyer.

As a diligent student who passed the bar test, Nugent became a member of the Georgia State Bar. Furthermore, his father was Marguerite’s (the matriarch of the family) devoted husband. More importantly, he was a very good student, and after passing the bar test, he decided to join the State Bar of Georgia.


He is a well-known attorney who has represented hurt people since 1989. Also, he established the most prominent law firm in the Southeast to accomplish this.

After graduating, he established and expanded Keneth S. Nugent, P.C., a significant Southeast law firm. Nugent also launched a group called “Nugent’s Flamethrowers” in 2017.

Ken Nugent’s Family

Ken Nugent is fortunate to have his family uphold his business, philosophy, and goals. From his marriage, he also has two girls and three sons, that makes a total of five grown children. The exact information about his wife is private, and there is no information about his relationship status.

Although Ken Nugent’s marriage to Lisa Nugent ended with a divorce in 2010. Regardless, he still keeps an open line of communication with his kids and their families.

The attorney’s daughters, Kaitlin Nugent Hammill & Kristie Nugent Horn, have two children. Thus, they are often seen promoting child literacy and helping their neighbourhood by providing them with books.

Additionally, his children have immensely helped Ken strike a balance between his professional and personal lives.

In addition to participating in charity events, Nugent’s daughters earn money to go towards food, books, and scholarships to benefit the locale. Likewise, Nugent has had a lot of help juggling his personal and professional lives because of his kids’ involvement in his firm.

Ken Nugent Macon office

Ken Nugent is an internationally recognised lawyer whose prodigious advertising for his law firm from television to MARTA buses. The company was founded in 1980, with its headquarters in Atlanta. Indeed, it gradually spread throughout Georgia.

Later, Nugent’s children joined his law office and worked there for several years. They carry out his father’s aim of providing as outstanding service to people as possible. At the Duluth office, his daughter Kaitlin works as an attorney, and Kristie is an executive manager.

Similarly, Rayan M. Horn handles social security disability claims. On the other hand, William G. Hammill specialises in personal injury law. Additionally, he owns a business, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., which has eight branches.

Ken Nugent Information regarding Charities

·       Ken, who firmly believes in giving back, has started working as a mentor for the Georgia State Bar’s State Bar Transition Program since 2005. Additionally, he has stated that the same program was indeed a huge benefit to him. Moreover, wished to help someone else similarly.

·       The Emory Law School’s Nathaniel Lancaster is the recipient of the 2017 Legal Scholarship Award. He awards kids a $10,000 scholarship each year.

·       Moreover, he also collaborates mainly on Georgia Teacher Scholarship. Further, it donated $500 to Georgian teachers to spend on educational materials or an outing as long as it would assist the students in their class.

Office information and law firm

In 1980, Nugent became a bar member and opened his legal practice in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2017, he was still working out of that location, which he made the main office for his company.

Further, he expanded his business by working hard, eventually opening 8 offices. The Georgian cities of Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, Duluth, Atlanta, Albany, Macon, & Valdosta all have these offices.

He also places commercial ads on prime-time television in Georgia. Whereas, he is most recognised for his tv advertising campaigns. One call, that’s it, he says, pointing at the camera in the advertisement, is all it needs to get his assistance.

Ken Nugent Wikipedia enjoys posting his images and movies to social media sites. These include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and also, YouTube. On May 27, 2010, he started the “Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.” YouTube channel, which now has 839 subscribers.

Moreover, he frequently posts updates on social media about his activities. He has 710 Instagram followers. His social media following is large and well-known. In 2023, Ken Nugent will have an $18 million net worth.

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Ken Nugent’s Highlights

·       Ken Nugent Atlanta is working on a project called Nugent’s Flame Throwers as of 2017. Indeed, the idea behind this effort is that he will give $10 to a nearby fire station. It will be for each strikeout of the Georgia Braves pitching staff records.

·       As of June 2017, after the first five rounds, Ken Nugent has pledged $1170. Additionally, he has reminded the Braves of his significant finances and is encouraging them to strive harder for the money.

·       Currently, he handles medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, and personal injury cases. As a lawyer, he has also handled fifteen auto accidents, thirteen wrongful deaths, and thirteen personal injuries.

·    He founded several charity organisations that support healthcare, educational, and youth-related causes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a)     Why is Ken Nugent so well-known?

Ken Nugent is a notable American accident attorney. Also, he owns the prosperous Georgia law firm Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.

b)     When Did Ken Nugent Begin His Employment at the Georgia State Bar?

Ken has been a mentor again for Georgia State Bar’s State Bar Transition Program since 2005. He has stated that the curriculum was quite helpful to him personally.

c)     How does Ken engage in the media?

His catchphrase, “One Call, That’s All,” became quite popular, and the renowned firm Fox decided to turn it into a TV show.

Indeed, the director and producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Lance Krall Show, & Free Radio, Peter Siaggas, is a guest on the program. Moreover, he has made adverts for his business by creating original ideas for several commercials.

d)     Is there a slogan that Ken Nugent uses?

Ken Nugent has been on top of Atlanta radio, TV, and billboard advertising for the past 30 years, using “One call, that’s all!”

e)     Who is the wife of Ken Nugent?

Ken Nugent has been married for more than 30 years. Personal information about his family is private. He has five kids.

f)       What Number of Children Has Ken Nugent?

The TV celebrity and personal injury attorney have three daughters and two sons.

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, Ken Nugent is one of the most renowned accident lawyers in the United States. Over the past 30 years, he has built a reputation as a skilled and aggressive lawyer in Georgia. Aside from his legal work, he is also known for his philanthropic activities in Georgia. 

Myles sued for $10,328 in damages and hired the Nugent Law Firm as her attorney. Moreover, Myles was informed that perhaps the statute of limitations had run out when he attempted to collect the money. Thus, this resulted in the dismissal of the claim as well.

Overall, Ken Nugent is a dedicated and skilled accident lawyer in Georgia. Lastly, Ken Nugent has experienced attorneys specializing in auto accidents and wrongful death cases. The team at his firm provides aggressive representation and personalized attention.