Julius Dein Net Worth 2023-Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Cast, House

Julius Dein net worth is almost $4 million US dollars in 2022 Julius Dein is a famous magician, entertainer, and YouTube celebrity who was born in April 1994 in London. When he was in school he used to go to magic shows with his grandparents and then the interest increased in his mind about magic tricks. He joined an academy and after three years at the age of 13 years, he performed his first magic show.

He worked hard and practices his tricks till he became an expert in his field; he performed at many famous birthday parties and awards ceremonies. He also started his YouTube channel where he upload his magic and prank videos that increased his fame and money.

Julius Dein Net Worth 2023

Julius Dein’s overall net worth is almost $4 million US dollars in 2022 and most of his income came from his magic shows in birthday parties, award ceremonies, and different get-together parties. According to statistics, his annual earnings are almost 700K US dollars; his YouTube channel with millions of subscribers increases his annual income and net worth.

Net Worth 2022$4 Million
Annual Salary$700K
 NameJulius Dein
ProfessionMagician, YouTuber

Julius Dein Early Life and Biography

Jullius Dein is a magician and entertainer who was born on 23 April 1994 in London, United Kingdom. He joined Jewish Free School for his early education and then went to King’s College of London for his graduation and got a degree in International Relations.

When he was nine years old, he used to go to magic shows with his grandparents, and then the interest built up in his mind, so he decided to perform magic tricks in the future.

He joined an academy where he learned all magic tips and tricks; he performed his first performance at the age of 13 years old in Camden. He became popular in his school and then in college for his amazing magic tricks.

He started performing in different get-togethers, birthday parties, award ceremonies and other functions; he also earned a lot of money from all these performances. He is the best in his field and that is why he is the most famous magician in England who is also famous all over the world.

Julius Dein Biography

Birth NameJulius Dein
Nick NameJulius Dein
DOB23 April 1994
Birth PlaceLondon
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
Height1.76 m
Weight74 kg
SpouseEstelle Bergin
ProfessionMagician, You tuber
Net Worth 2022$4 million

Julius Dein House and Cars

Julius Dein was born in London but after the success of his career he moved to Los Angeles and now he lived there in a luxury house, he also has a Lamborghini in his garage.


Julius Dein was interested in magic tricks since his childhood and that is why he joined the magic academy at the age of ten years. Within three years he was able to perform before the audience and at the age of 13 years old, he performed his first show at a birthday party.

He was appreciated and his confidence built up, so he continued his practice also in college life. He performed at birthday parties of celebrities and other different functions, and then he decided to amuse the world with his magic tricks.

Julius Dein Net Worth-Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Cast, House

He created his YouTube channel and uploaded a video on his channel with the title “How to Kiss a Girl with a Magic Trick”. His first video went viral and people appreciated him from all over the world, he got much fame from that video and became popular in the world.

He posted videos on different social media accounts and earned much fame, respect, money, and positive response from people. Now he is famous all over the world and performed in big functions like award ceremonies, celebrity’s birthday parties, corporate events and much more.

He performed for many celebrities like as he was performed at the birthday party of Kelly Rowland and also performed at the party which was organized by Nelson Mandela. He also performed for the famous group One Direction and became the most famous magician. He also started shooting prank videos and that increased both his fan following and income.

Julius Dein Personal Life and Relationship

At the beginning of his career, Julius Dein was dating both Madison Willow and Amber Doig Thorne, but their relationship was broken within a short time. Julius Dein was broke up with Madison Willow because she said his magic tricks are fake, but we don’t know the reason behind the breakup of Julius Dein with Amber.

Now he is dating YouTuber Estelle Bergin, who has two YouTube channels with millions of viewers. He featured his girlfriend in his prank videos and never hides their relationship.

Awards and Achievements

 Julius Dein earned much money and fame as well as respect, he has 43 million followers on his Facebook page and 6.9 million fans on his Instagram account. He has 7.24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel that is tilted with his own name.

He also got the title of The Hollywood Magician and was nominated for Breakout YouTube Award. Recommended Readings: Faze Temperrr Net Worth.

People Also Ask FAQs 

Who is Julius Dein?

Answer: Julius Dein is a famous magician and you tuber who was born in April 1994 in London and after success in his career, he moved to Los Angeles.

What is the overall net worth of Julius Dein?

Answer: He earned much fame as well as money during his all-over career, so according to statics his overall net worth is $4 million US dollars in 2022 and still increasing with time.

How did Julius Dein make his money?

Answer: Julius Dein started magic tricks when he was only 13 years old, and with the passage of time he became an expert in his field, he performed in many big parties and earned fame with money. He also started his own YouTube channel and there he uploads his magic and prank videos which increased his annual income, most of his income came from his magic shows and YouTube channel.

Where does Julius Live Now?

Answer: Julius Dein was born in London and after the success of his career he bought a luxury house in Los Angeles and shifted there.

Who is dating Julius Dein?

Answer: Julius was in a relationship with Madison Willow and Amber Doig, but in a short time he broke up with both. Now he is dating social media star Estelle Bergin who has two YouTube channels.