Joe Santagato Net worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, Instagram

As of 2022 Joe Santagato Net worth: Joe Santagato is an American-based YouTuber famous for his comic videos and podcasts. He is famous on iTunes as well. The videos he makes are usually related to films and animations. As a whole, he is a renowned YouTuber whose net worth is millions. With millions of followers, he has achieved YouTube Silver and golden buttons too. Let’s discover his total Net worth as a YouTuber.

Joe Santagato Net worth of  2022:

The aggregated revenue of Joe Santagato is 203M$. His daily monthly, yearly, and per second net worth however varies based on the YouTube Algorithmic rules and Regulations.

The income he generates mostly comes from his YouTube career. He has two YouTube channels which are making quite a handsome amount yearly. He is also on iTunes and working as a producer which adds more to his overall revenue.

 Profile of Joe Santagato:

NameJoe Santagato
Net Worth 2022203M$
Annual salary150K$
Age30 years old

Early Life and Biography of Joe Santagato:

Joe Santagato was upraised in the US and that’s his birthplace. His mother belongs to the Irish country and his father is from Italy. Both his parents were active and served different jobs as per the needs of the family. Elizabeth his mother was a secretary in school whereas his daddy was a firefighter.

Joe Santagato has three siblings who are talented and well settled too. He attended his school and was quite active on his football team. He was active in his seminary’s basketball squad. But it is said that he dropped school early and started practical life instead.

 Biography of Joe Santagato:

Birth Name:Joseph
Date Of Birth25/2/1992
Hometown:New York
Time of life:30
Mother’s name:Elizabeth (a school secretary)
Father’s name:Joseph (Firefight)
Education:High school
Ethnic group:American
Religious conviction:Catholic
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Color:brown
Sexual Orientation:Conventional
Marital statusSingle
CasteUnder Review
Lucky NumberUnder Review
PromoterUnder Review
AwardsTop Leading tattoo Artist
Collective Media:All
Net Worth:203M$


He started working early in his life as a producer and editor. H worked for Elite daily. He worked as a pizza boy too. Meanwhile, he had a YouTube Channel which was growing rapidly. So considering the popularity of his channel he quit his day job and started working as a full-time YouTuber.

The decision went well for him and he quickly reached millions of subscribers in no time. Since then, he is working daily on his YouTube creating comic videos and series. Now he has started a podcast that is liked throughout. The basement yard is a podcast where he works with Co-YouTuber and friends Frank and Danny.

He is also working on a game project which is another Biggy for him.

Personal Life of Joe Santagato:

In personal life, Joe Santagato is a straight and simple person who values relationships and family life. We see that he has never been reported to be involved in any relationships or dating experience. He has been rumored to be involved with Sammy a co-worker but he declines this relationship.

He is a family person who is in deep and profound relationships with his friends and close ones. Frank is the dearest of his fellows. He also appears in some of his videos and shows.

Awards & Achievements:

One of the biggest achievements of Joe Santagato is his YouTube Following which he made in just a few months without any extra effort. He has collected a total of 3 Million subscribers with huge unique viewers.

The bigger audience has not only resulted in high income but also earned him the YouTube silver and golden button. He earned these buttons in 2012 and 2016. One of the other achievements he has earned is his hourly income which is 17$ which results in a thousand as per his daily revenue.

House and cars of Joe Santagato:

The information about the houses and cars of Joe Santagato is never revealed. Recommended Readings: McJuggerNuggets Net Worth, Brittany Furlan Net Worth.

Real estate of Joe Santagato:

The real estates of Joe Santagato are too yet to disclose. However, it is said that he owns a company named “wings” but he has not posted anything regarding it.

Favorite thing of Joe Santagato:

Sports and filmmaking are two interesting and adorable things for Joe Santagato. He was an active asset to his team during school days but later he left school and only play private games with his brother.

Repeatedly Asked Queries:

Q: Is Joe Santagato Married?

A: No, Joe Santagato is not married until now.

Q: What is the relationship between Joe and Sammy?

A: They have been rumored to be girlfriend and boyfriend but the news is not confirmed by Joe.

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