Jet Tila Net Worth-Biography, Age, Height, Family

Jet Tila is a well-Known best cook from America who is making his country proud almost every day with his unique and extraordinary Culinary talent. He is famous for being the richest Chef in the country and is an ambassador of culinary too. The net worth of Jet Tila is inspiring and encouraging for people who want to start a career in the food industry. So, let’s dig deep into his Net worth and Bio.

Net Worth of Jet Tila 2022:

According to the updates and news of 2022, Jet Tila is known to have a net worth of about 1M$. The net worth survey on Jet Tila shows an increase in his salary and net income each year. Each month or year, the bar of Jet Tila’s Income goes up and that’s due to his multiple income sources. Of course, the major part of what he makes comes from his food career but his books and restaurant too are adding a significant amount to his net worth.

The contour of Jet Tila:

Forename  Jet Tilakamonkul
Net Income  $1 million
Annual salary  $ 57,000
Profession Chef, Business person
Gender Male
Horoscope  Aquarius
Age 47

Early Life and Biography of Jet Tila:

Born in 1975, Jet Tila is a Chef, author, publisher, and TV Person with a lot of fame and popularity. Marari and Pramorte are his parents however the sibling and other family data is not public to media resources.

Their family background and influence have played a great role in making his career and personality. For instance, the family roots of Jet Tila belong to Hainanese culture. His grandma is reported to have started the food business there which later was strengthened and grew day by day.

The family eventually built a food empire after his birth which is now residing and running in 6 different areas. So, considering this in mind, Jet Tila too grew up with a passion for food and cuisine. He specialized in Thai food and began his career as a Thai Chef.

Biography Table of Jet Tila:

Birth Name: Jet Tila
Nickname:   Jet Tila
Date Of Birth  February 6, 1975
Birthplace:  California
Age: 47 years old
Mother’s name:  Marari Tilakamonkul
Father’s name:   Promote Tila
Siblings: No
Education:  Graduated in culinary studies
Nationality: American
Dogma: Christian
Horoscope: Aquarius
Height:  5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 70 kg
Hair Dye: Black
Eyes Gloominess: Black
Sensual Orientation: Straight
Matrimonial status Married
Connection: Yes
Girlfriends No
Children: 2
Wife  Allison Tila
Awards various
Net Worth: $ 1 million

Career Development of Jet Tila:

The career of Jet Tila started as Chef. He appeared in many TV shows and contests and won many of them. He owns Many restaurants with different branches. Later in his career, he started teaching culinary skills to people.

Personal Life of Jet Tila:

In his Personal life, Jet Tila is reported to be officially wedded to Allison. Both of them are living happy and contended life with each other. They have two kids including a daughter and a son. No report has been mentioned yet about extramarital relationships.

Favourite Things of Jet Tila:

As for his personal preference, we don’t have enough data about that but on his website, he mentions the spices, recipes, and equipment he prefers. For instance, in one of the posts, he mentions a list of knives that he loves to use. Some of his favourite ones are Victorinox 8, Shun classic 8, Shun 9, and the Thai Aluminum Knife set.  Likewise, he also mentions some recipes and ingredients that he likes the most: Noodles, Veggies, herbs, meat, and sauces.


Q: What is the reason for Jet Tila’s popularity?

A: Jet Tila got famous for his innovative and unique ideas in Thai cuisines. Their mastery of his art has made him famous all around the globe. Recently he has been awarded the “Ambassador of Thai Cuisine” title.

Q: Is Jet Tila Wedded and does he have kids?

A: Yes, Jet Tila is wedded and has two kids. The name of his better half is Allison.

Q: Does Jet Tila owns any business?

A: Yes, Jet Tila is known to have founded a business (restaurant) named “Bistronomics”.

Books of Jet Tila:

Having achieved so much in the Food industry, Jet Tila is now an accomplished and professional food writer who is writing and publishing epic books on the topic of food. Some of the best ones are as follows:

Books Years
101 Asian Dishes 2017
101 Thai Dishes 2022
101 Epic Dishes 2019
Master of Ramen 2020

Awards & Achievements of Jet Tila:

Jet Tila in his prolific and astounding profession has achieved many awards and titles for him. For instance, he is lucky enough to have owned some World-record in his career too. Here is the list of awards he has earned as a Chef:

Largest Stir-Fry 4,010 pounds
Seafood stew 6500 pounds
Longest Roll 440 feet

Apart from these, he has earned many titles in TV Food contests. One of the biggest achievements of his whole career is becoming a culinary ambassador for his country. This is quite an achievement as he is the first one to have this title for his country.