Heavy D Net Worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, House, Helicopter

As of 2022, Heavy D Net Worth: 2011 was the time when the world lost one of the most distinctive entertainers, songwriters, and composers from Jamaica. During his period, he was known to be at the top of the list of the most influential rappers in the 1990s.

He made his fortune and was living happily but struck a sudden illness that led him to death at the young age of 44. In this, we will be presenting you the complete life journey of Heavy D. His net worth, bio, weight, height, marriage, relationships, and career will be highlighted in detail. So, let’s jump in!

Heavy Net D Worth 2022:

Heavy D is not alive however the last estimation according to Forbes, IMDb, and other resources tells that his overall net worth was 28M$. Most of his income generates from his rapping and acting vocation. The monthly, yearly, and daily income of Heavy D is not known to us.

NameDwight Myers
Net Worth 2022$28 M
Annual salaryunknown
ProfessionActor, Rapper, Composer
AgeForty-four years old

Early Life and Biography of Heavy D:

Heavy D was born in Jamaica to Eulahlee and Clifford in 1967. The family was from the Middle class as his mother was working as a nurse and his father was a technician.

The family lived in Mandeville for a few years of his birth but moved to New York later. Her mother once told in an interview that most of his childhood is spent with his sibling playing and studying.

As far as his qualification is concerned he only got a high school education and did not pursue education ahead. Most of his information regarding childhood is kept private and is not public for no apparent reason.

Heavy D Biography

Birth Name:Dwight
Nickname:Heavy D
Date Of Birth24/5/1967
Age:44 years old
Mother’s name:Eulalie
Father’s name:Clifford
Education:High School
Religion:Under review
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Color:Brown
Sexual Orientation:Conventional
GirlfriendsUnder review
Social Media:Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Profession:Actor, Rapper
Net Worth:$28 M


The career of Heavy D began when he started rapping with his team in 1987. The team created a group which was titled “Heavy D and the Boys”. The first song of their group was released in 1987 and was known as Living large. This album was an excessive accomplishment for them.

In the next few years, they started working as a band and released many successful albums including “Big Tyme”. Later one of their team member T-Roy died which severely hit the band and they released an album as a tribute to him. The song they released went viral and earned them classic recognition.

Later years were an epic for his career as he appeared in various hits of the time i.e. Micheal Jackson, and Janet Jackson. Both songs were appreciated and recognized all over the world.

He also played many roles in his acting career too which made him earn a lot of fame and recognition. One of the famous hits is Top chef, Antonia Lofaso, and The Cider House Rules.

Personal Life and relationships of Heavy D:

The personal life of Heavy D is not known to the public however few of the resources do mention a few things about his relationships and family.

It is said that he was married to Antonia Lofaso. The coupled lived happily and both had a daughter named “Xena”. Everything was perfect but the tables turned when Heavy D died at 44 in 2011.

His death left many people in mystery. The medical report confused many people by saying that he died of pneumonia. Later autopsy reports suggest that his death was natural and that he died because of a “Pulmonary Embolism”.

However, the wife of Heavy D did not remarry as per a recent report and is bringing up their child. She is an author and a chef.

Real estate and cars of Heavy D:

The real estate and cars of Heavy D are not open to media resources.

Favourite things of Heavy D:

As is mentioned above most of his life is private so nothing is mentioned about his favourite things on the internet.

Awards & Achievements of Heavy D:

For medals and awards, there is no record of Heavy D’s achieving any awards in life. However, he was a star and the center of attraction in many shows. He worked in many renowned TV shows and movies. Recommended Readings: Miles Brown Net Worth, IceJJFish Net worth.

People Also Ask FAQs

Q1: Was Heavy D born rich?

A: No Heavy D was not from an aristocratic wealthy family but was from a middle-class family where her father was a machine technician and her mother was a nurse.

Q2: Where did Heavy D die?

A: It is said that Heavy D died in 2011 in hospital. He actually collapsed in his house and was taken to hospital where he could not recover and eventually died.

Q3: Did Heavy D date anyone?

A: The dating history of Heavy D is not obvious to public resources or perhaps he did not date anybody but whatever the case is it is not confirmed that he dated somebody in life or had any relationship.

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