DeerMeatForDinner Net Worth 2023-Biography, Robert Arrington Net Worth

Deermeatfordinner net worth is $4.91 million as of  2022. Robert Arrington is also known on YouTube as DeerMeatForDinner. He has over 850,000 subscribers and uploads weekly videos of catching/killing, cleaning, and cooking his catch. Robert was born in Florida, the state of America, in 1984 and studied at the University of California.

To get familiar with his net worth, age, bio, married life, and even early lie, keep reading below:

DeerMeatForDinner Net Worth 2023

Deermeatfordinner is a YouTube channel with over 2.58 million subscribers in the United States. It began 8 years ago and now has 793 videos. Deermeatfordinner net worth is $4.91 million as of  2022.

Net Worth 2022$4.91 million
Annual salary$ 4,00,000
ProfessionYoutuber, Vlogger

Early Life and Biography

Robert did Ph.D. from UC (abbreviated as the University of California). His grandpa lacked a formal education but was a knowledgeable man when it came to understanding and surviving off the land. His grandpa was a cattle hunter in the 1930s; therefore, Robert was raised as a valid Florida Cracker.

Robert was born in 1997 on the island of Qamea, Fidschi, to the Fisher family. He & his spearfishing companion, Josh Larsen, sold their house and spent the wintertime in Florida. Moreover, he is a well-known YouTuber who has amassed a sizable fortune via his online presence.

The most important thing Robert took away from his grandfather’s experience was the ability to bring it to life on a daily basis. Robert is currently well-known for his YouTube podcast. This is the fact behind Robert’s current fame.

In fact, he started delivering his experiences on regular tv before becoming famous on YouTube. Things were a little rough with television after the economy fell, so Robert & his spouse took a slightly different path with their business.

DeerMeatForDinner Biography

Birth Name:DeerMeatForDinner
Nickname:Robert Arrington
Birthplace:Jupiter, Florida
Parent’s name:Walt & Betty Arrington
Siblings:Albrey Arrington, brother
Education:Ph.D. University of California
Height:6 feet/182cm
Hair Color:Brown
Eyes Color:Brown
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife: Sarah Arrington
Children:Karen Evans and Lisa Arrington
Social Media:LinkedIn: Robert Arrington


Instagram: @deermeatfordinner

YouTube: deermeatfordinner

Twitter: @deermeat4dinner

Profession:Youtuber, Vlogger
Net Worth:$4.91 million


Robert Arrington is a YouTuber who goes by the handle DeerMeatForDinner. He has approximately $850k Subscribers and regularly captures, washes, and boils his kills.

Today, Robert has a sizable digital platform following, but he told his story on a regular television set. When the economy changed, and circumstances were tough on television, Robert and his wife picked a different road.

His hunting techniques are ingenious, and he uses as much meat as possible to eradicate everyone. Instead, he always expresses gratitude to the audience and listeners, but he is grateful for his followers. Robert now uploads 3-4 clips every week, and his following is growing.

Career in YouTube

Roberts prefers to create innovative videos. Robert & Sarah currently have 2.48 million users and upload three to four videos per week. As of 2021, the YouTube channel DeerMeatForDinner has over seven hundred videos that are covering almost every hunting aspect.

Furthermore, Arrington’s YouTube channel has 2.48 million users and grows by over a thousand per day. Every week, he uploads three to four videos, most of which receive millions of hits. DeerMeatForDinner has more than 600 million views as of 2021.

In addition, his YouTube channel receives 400k views regularly, yielding $2k in daily advertising money. This means that the adverts that appear on DeerMeatForDinner’s YouTube videos bring in roughly $720,000. YouTubers often earn $2-$7 for every 1000 monetized viewers, accounting for approximately 40-80% of all views on a single video.

Personal Life or Relationship, and who is dating?

DeerMeatForDinner Net Worth 2022-Biography, Robert Arrington Net Worth

Robert married Sarah, and he has two cute kids named Lisa Arrington and Karen Evans. Furthermore, he is happy with his marriage because Sarah is used to helping his husband in his online business and YouTube videos.

Real Estate or Asset

– Houses: Jupiter, Florida

– Vehicles: Not available

Favorite hobbies

– Shooting new clips, exploring wildlife, cooking, and watching tv

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People Also Ask FAQS

1. Who is Robert Arrington, and from where does he belong?

Robert Arrington, also known as DeerMeatForDinner, is a Youtube personality from America. However, he presently has over 850,000 subscribers and uploads weekly videos of catching/killing, cleaning, and cooking various animals.

2. Does Robert take an interest in the family too?

Robert is a dedicated household member who resides in Jupiter, Florida. Moreover, he allows viewers to meet the much more important people in his life: his parents. Meanwhile, DeerMeatForDinner has sat among his family for 1.5 hours, sharing his entire story as well as a few amusing stories.

3. How Robert and Sarah Arrington are by nature?

So, he met Sarah at Robbies Marina a few years ago. He and Sarah were both charming and friendly by nature.

4. How much did Robert earn from YouTube?

Robert’s channel Deer Meat For Dinners has 3M monthly active users and has got over 750M views. It gets an average of 260,000 daily views from various sources. The adverts shown on the videos should generate an estimated $730k per year in revenue.

5. What is Sarah Arrington’s age?

Sarah Arrington is 31 years old.  On August 29, 1990, she was born in Florida.