David Goggins Books, Accomplishments, Net Worth, Wife & Bio

David is a motivational speaker and former Navy SEAL. He is famous for winning ultra-marathon races and doing countless push-ups and pull-ups. Additionally, he is an author and a social media activist who has written two books.

Have you ever wondered what David’s net worth is? How he earned millions after army retirement? What is David Goggins longest run? According to Bloomberg, David Goggins net worth is $4.6 million as of May 2023. David’s profile aims to show how he has built his 7-figure bank balance. My goal is to inspire you to start creating your own success, so start today. Here we’ll explain how he got such a massive fortune.

“It’s so easy to be great these days, because everyone else is so weak.” – David. 

Points of Interest

  • He was born in 1975, making David age 48.
  • According to Forbes facts, David Goggins net worth is $4,600,000 as of 2023.
  • Motivating people never to stop growing is what he does.
  • Two main income streams are David Goggins books royalties and speaking engagements.
  • Further, he is from the United States and currently living in Dublin.
  • The man is unstoppable, works hard, and never gives up.
  • David Goggins running record is unbreakable.
  • I literally changed my life after reading Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me” in 2019.
  • David has a daughter who is 24 years old.

A Quick Overview of David’s Profile

Full nameDavid Goggins
Birth Date17 February 1975
Age48 years
ProfessionAthlete, Author
Source Of WealthWriting, Sports, Public Speaking
Net Worth$4.6 Million
David Goggins height6’1″ (in feet)

David Goggins: Who is He?

The retired Navy SEAL David is one of the world’s most famous and toughest men. He was a former Iraq War veteran and an accomplished endurance athlete. 

Additionally, he has completed elite training as a Navy SEAL, Air Force Tactical Air Controller, and Army Ranger. Public speaking has become one of his most popular skills. 

His first book, Can’t Hurt Me, became a best-seller in the New York Times. He recently published his next masterpiece, ‘Never Finished.’

“Mental Toughness Is A Lifestyle.” – DAVID –

Millions of people worldwide have already been inspired by his self-discipline and have become stronger and better versions of themselves. 

Providing help to many people makes you a lot of money, said David. This page will focus on David’s net worth, life, marathons, achievements & many more. If you’ve ever wondered, let’s dive into David Goggins net worth, lifestyle, and earnings.

How Much Money Does David have?

David has amassed a large fortune from his New York Times best-selling book, ‘Can’t Hurt Me.’ He has sold over 3 million copies of this book, earning approximately $22.5 million in royalties. Further, it is 3.5x more than authors who use traditional publishers.

David’s speeches are worth between $100K and 150K. In this way, we estimate David Goggins net worth to be $4.6 million as of 2023.

Do You Know How Much David Makes Per Year?

Many of David’s fans are curious about his current annual salary. Since 2017, he has made approximately $22.5 million in royalties. It’s easier to figure out how much money he actually makes per year if you know the precise number of his speaking engagements, sponsorships, etc.

In spite of this, we can still provide you with a solid baseline income for David. Assume Goggins invested all $4.6 million of his net worth in assets. It yields at least 4.5% per year, within the historical range of 3-5%. Based on David Goggins net worth alone, his baseline income would be approximately $225K.

Alternatively, Goggins could make $18,750 per month without lifting a finger, selling books, or making another speech for the rest of his life.

What are David’s Money Metrics? 

  • Net Worth in 2023: $4,600,000
  • Amount Earned Per Year: $225,000
  • $18,750 per month
  • The weekly amount is $4,326
  • The cost per day is $618
  • Further, the hourly salary will be $25.75.

Note: This is an approximate measure based on David’s estimated net worth. 

Where did David Grow Up, and What was his Education?

In 1975, David was born in Buffalo, New York. David Goggins Parents were Trunnis and Jackie Goggins. David grew up with his brother, Trunnis Jr., in Williamsville. His GPA was so low that he barely passed his graduate degree. He kept the details of his early education private.

As a child, David experienced bullying and was ridiculed for working at his father’s skating rink to support his family. In his childhood, David suffered abuse from his father. David Goggins father was an alcoholic constantly and tortured David, his mother, and his brother. They all have to deal with many struggles in their lives. Their families had many ups and downs.

He escaped his father’s home with his mother and brother. Finally, they lived in Brazil, Indiana. Jackie has raised her children as a single mother. Her life is filled with many financial difficulties.

You can read about the up and downs of famous basketballer Shaquille O’Neal’s career and how he became the champion.

David Brother Trunnis Jr. 

Trunnis Jr. is David’s only one brother. He shared that he worked with his mother and brother at his father’s skate rink when he was six. He also explained how his mother worked to feed and protect them.

David’s family was informed later that his father passed away on November 5, 2013. David’s father, Trunnis, died at Buffalo General Medical Center.

“The reason it’s important to push hardest when you want to quit the most is because it helps you callous your mind. It’s the same reason why you have to do your best work when you are the least motivated.” – David. 

After graduating high school, David enlisted in the military. Jackie supported the Goggins at every stage of their lives. After serving in the Air Force, David joined the Navy. David gained weight before joining the military because of eating problems. Despite these struggles, he credits the Navy and SEALs with helping him regain fitness.

What is David’s Success Story in the Army, Air Force & Navy?

He is the only person to complete all three US Armed Forces induction training programs.

However, Goggins has served with the Air Force Pararescue teams since the beginning of his military career. Although he failed the ASVAB test twice, he was accepted into the training program. Nevertheless, he was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Trait by the Air Force.

David returned to training under the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) of the United States Air Force after recovering from his medical condition. His service as a TACP lasted from 1994 to 1999. 

After leaving the Air Force, David joined the Navy. He completed the Navy’s BUD training program in 2001 after three unsuccessful attempts. In the same year, he graduated with the 235 class of BUDs. 

As part of SEAL Team 5, David began serving in the Iraq war. David graduated from the Army Ranger school in 2014 by completing his Army Ranger training. 

“Whenever you decided to follow a dream or set a goal, you are just as likely to come up with all the reasons why the likelihood of success is low. Blame it on the fu**ed-up evolutionary wiring of the human mind. But you don’t have to let your doubt into the cockpit!” – David. 

In fact, David received the “Top Honor Man” award in his class.

David Goggins Military Awards 

David Goggins records are countless. He also holds multiple Guinness world records; here is the list:

  • It took David 17 hours and two failed attempts, but he broke the Guinness World Record for pull-ups with 4,030. 
  • David Goggins combat record of Guinness World Record and won Meritorious Service Medal.
  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with 2 Service Starts
  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
  • Air Force Achievement Medal
  • Arm Achievement Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal with 1 Service Star
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Navy Good Conduct Medal with 4 Service Stars
  • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
  • Iraq Campaign Medal with 1 Service Star
  • Navy and Marine Corps Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 1 Service Star
  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Rifle Marksmanship Medal with Expert Device
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
  • Pistol Marksmanship Medal with Expert Device

Who was David Goggins’ Wife? When did They Separate?

Aleeza Goggins was David Goggins’ wife. They married in 2005. Aleeza is a Japanese licensed professional nurse. David Goggins ex-wife is well-known in the world of entertainment.

Furthermore, Aleeza Goggins was born in 1961, making her 62 years old as of 2023. She comes from an Asian ethnic background. In fact, Mrs. Goggins holds Japanese nationality and resides in Japan.

After marrying a celebrity athlete runner, she became famous. Two years after their marriage, Aleeza filed for divorce. During their relationship, the couple kept their personal lives very private. In light of this, the reason for divorce is still a secret.

Who is David Goggins’ Fiance Nowadays?

Mr. Goggins dated a beautiful girl named Jennifer Kish. They got engaged a few years ago. David and Jennifer Kish have an excellent relationship.

It still needs to be determined exactly when they engaged and when their first meeting occurred. There is good chemistry between the two.

Jennifer works for Goggins LLC Company as an Executive Director. This company is based in New York, and David owns the company.

What is the History Behind David Goggins Longest Run?

To raise funds for the Special Operation Warrior Foundation, Goggins began long-distance running. In San Diego, Goggins competed in the San Diego One Day Ultramarathon. It took him 19 hours and 6 minutes to run 101 miles. 

David Goggins marathon record is still unbreakable.

His first Badwater Ultramarathon was completed in 2006.

Furthermore, three months later, he competed in the Ultraman World Championships Triathlon in Hawaii. Besides, this race covered 320 miles over three days, and he came in second.

In 2007, Goggins ranked 3rd overall at the Badwater-135.

In 2016, Goggins won Infinitus 88k in 12 hours, almost 20 minutes ahead of his closest competitor. Additionally, he won the Music City Ultra 50k and Strolling Jim 40 Miler.

Moreover, he ranked 2nd in the Moab 240 ultramarathon in 2020, 63 hours, 21 minutes behind the winner.

What is David Daily Routine & Diet Plan?

David Goggins marathon every day – His day begins at 3 am with a run of 10-15 miles. After riding his bicycle 25 miles, he gets ready for work. His lunchtime run is between five and eight miles. In the evening, he rides his bicycle 25 miles back home after finishing his workday at 5:30 pm.

David Goggins Daily Routine

TimeExercise Distance
3 am Run 10-15 miles
8 am Bicycle commute 25 miles
12 pmRun 5-8 miles
5:30 pmBicycle commute 25 miles
7 pm 3-5 miles Light run (if feeling good) 
10 pmResistance Training 90 mins

David Goggins Diet

Before undergoing BUD/s Training (SEAL Training), David lost 106 pounds.

He follows a strict diet based on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting to feed his body.

Further, he fasts from 8:30 p.m. to 11 a.m. Most of his diet consists of healthy fats and protein.

Due to his intense training, Goggins also consumes more protein than is recommended for a ketogenic diet. Our research indicates that David Goggins diet is also trendy on social media.

The Daily Food Intake

Below is a list of the foods Goggins eats every day. Also, he may eat at different times depending on his training schedule.

The times listed for breakfast and dinner correspond to the beginning and end of his fast.

Time or MealFood
11 am Breakfast Protein, Oatmeal, Nuts
Lunch Salad, Chicken Breast, Vegetables
Pre-WorkoutWalnuts, Fruit
Pre-DinnerProtein, Fruit, Nuts
8 pm Dinner Fish or Chicken, Vegetable or Salad
10 pmResistance Training 90 mins

David Goggins Diet Plan

His year-round training regime necessitates an extreme diet for Goggins.

Moreover, his diet focuses on protein for muscle growth & repair, as well as healthy fats for energy.

Below is a list of meals, mostly protein and vegetables with few carbohydrates.

Meal 1Oats + ProteinBerriesNutsMeal 2Chicken BreastProteinSalad or VegetableSnackWalnuts/NutsFruitMeal 3Fish or ChickenSalad or Vegetables

What are the Habits and Strengths of David that Contribute to his Productivity?

David is an exceptional human being. He can complete amazing feats of endurance that would leave most men sobbing on the ground. 

“Analyze your schedule, kill your empty habits, burn out the bulls**t, and see what’s left.” – David 

During his career, he has completed more than 60 ultramarathons and marathons. Additionally, David Goggins running record includes pull-ups done in one day, performing 4,030 in 17 hours.

A lot of exercise is a part of Goggins’ daily routine. David enjoys motivating others to achieve their dreams. No matter what your sport is, his YouTube videos will inspire you. “Stay hard” and “Get after it” are his catchphrases.

“Find strength in the misery, cause you can get a lot of power in misery.” – David 

There is no doubt that David net worth will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years. Another new David Goggins book ‘Never Finished’ has sparked strong demand for his “no excuses; suck it up” message and personal accountability.

“Read a record number of books in a given month. If you’re focused on intellectual growth, train yourself to study harder and longer than ever before.” – David. 

What made David so Successful and Rich?

Following his military service, David had a handful of overweight & unsuccessful experiences.

He gained a lot of weight after leaving the Air Force. Further, he struggled to make ends meet by working various low-paying jobs. Suddenly, he decided to lose weight after becoming disgusted with it. As a result, he decided to take action and alter his financial situation.

His goal was to lose 100 pounds in 3 months to join the Navy Seals.

Goggins’ prospects changed dramatically as a result of his decision to lose weight. That one decision eventually led to him joining the Navy Seals. He also applied to other military branches, which he successfully did.

“Suffering is the true test of life.” – David.

As a result of that one decision and his commitment to becoming that person forever, Goggins has become a no-B.S. role model,

  • Virtual accountability partner, and
  • Author of best-selling books.

Today, he is a motivational speaker on social media.

A Brief Overview of David’s Accomplishments

The following are some David Goggins facts and accomplishments:

  • He has completed more than 60 triathlons, ultra marathons, and ultra triathlons,
  • Goggin has completed over seventy endurance races. His ranking consistently is among the top five.
  • Further, he made the world record for most pull-ups in 17 hours was 4,030.
  • Goggins is a high-paid inspirational speaker with a large number of social media following. Most interestingly, he became a multi-millionaire at the age of 24.
  • Runner’s World named him a “Hero of Running” in 2008.

How can David Goggins Quotes Help you Achieve the Impossible?

1. “Never let people who choose the path of least resistance steer you away from your chosen path of most resistance.” 

2. “Very few people know how the bottom feels, but I do. It’s like quicksand. It grabs you, sucks you under, and won’t let go. When life is like that it’s easy to drift and continue to make the same comfortable choices that are killing you, over and over again.” 

3. “Comfort zones: If you live in one too long… that becomes your norm. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” 

4. “Everybody wants a quick fix. You may get results, but they won’t be permanent. The permanent results come from you having to suffer.” 

5. “The path to success will leave you callused, bruised, and very tired. It will also leave you empowered.” 

6. “Read a record number of books in a given month. If you’re focused on intellectual growth, train yourself to study harder and longer than ever before.” 

7. “Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” 

8. “You can tolerate doubt as a backseat driver, but if you put doubt in the pilot’s seat, defeat is guaranteed.” 

9. “I’m different than most people… when I cross the finish line of a big race, I see that people are ecstatic, but I’m thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow. It’s as if my Journey is everlasting and there is no finish line.” 

10. “Failure is an option. It’s what you do with the failure that makes you who you are. Our failures mold us. I have failed at several things in my life. What sets some of us apart, is that when we fail, we can’t sleep at night.” 

Does David Do Any Charity Work?

Besides being an athlete, David is a man of charity.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation inspired him to run long distances. Several of his friends had died in helicopter crashes during an ongoing operation in Afghanistan, which gave him the initial idea.

Aside from that, he provides scholarships and grants to the children of special operations soldiers who have lost their lives. Goggins has raised up to $2 million for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Does David have a Large Following on Social Media?

David Goggins social media influence has grown rapidly over the years. He reaches approximately 8.45 million people on social media these days. Here’s how this figure was calculated: 

  • David has 729K Twitter followers,
  • 6.2 million Instagram followers,
  • 1.5 million Facebook followers, and
  • 28.1K YouTube subscribers.

In total, he has approximately 8.45 million followers on social media.

According to current influencer marketing rates, David potential social media earnings amount to $60K to $70K per post. Is he taking advantage of this influence? Yes, these earnings help him to gather money for charity.

Here’s what he had to say on Twitter.

One of the toughest men on earth, David has a mindset that so many of us can relate to:

“The only reason why I became successful was because I went towards the truth. As painful and as brutal as it is, it changed me. It allowed me, in my own right, to become the person who I am today.” – David Tweet

“The path to success will leave you callused, bruised, and very tired. It will also leave you empowered.” 

In addition to that, he posted: “Self-talk and visualization are the two keys to my success.” 

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” he said in a Tweet

” One thing I am most proud of with ‘Never Finished’ is that the knowledge you will gain from this book isn’t some cookie cutter knowledge. This is real knowledge that you can not get from some brainstorming sessions. This knowledge comes only from living in the grip of life. ” – David Tweet.

In addition, Goggins is a motivational speaker as well as sends motivational quotes on Instagram and Twitter. Further, you can contact him directly by emailing him at David Goggins email,

How does David’s Life Teach us Key Lessons?

We can learn some important lessons from David journey and his net worth.

  1. You can Achieve Anything you Set your Mind to

His weight increased to 300 pounds after watching a documentary about Navy Seals’ intense training. As a result, he became obsessed with it and wanted to become a Seal. After failing training multiple times, he lost over 106 pounds and became a SEAL.

To achieve something you truly desire, you must do whatever it takes. Challenges will arise, and some days will be more challenging than others.

You must remain focused, don’t waver, and keep working.

  1. Failure is the Key to Success

The United States Air Force removed Goggins from Pararescue, and two times he failed Navy SEAL training.

He didn’t let his poor performance affect his confidence. Eventually, he would become a prominent member of the Navy SEALs and the Air Force.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made David net worth so high?

David is the only US Armed Forces inductee to complete all three programs. Furthermore, he has completed the Navy’s BUDs program three times, successfully completing it in 2001.

He began his military career with the Air Force Pararescue teams. Then, the Air Force diagnosed him with Sickle Cell Trait. After recovering from his condition, David joined the United States Air Force TACP.

Can you tell me how much David is worth?

A man with incredible mental toughness and willpower who has inspired millions around the world. David has an estimated net worth of $4.6 million and earns most of his income from world records, book sales & YouTube. Despite his cult following, the athlete still completes amazing endurance feats. Stay Hard!

What Is David’s Bestselling Book?
  1. David’s Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind,
  2. Built Not Born David Goggins, and
  3. Defy The Odds

are some of his bestselling books on Amazon.

What is David Goggins age?

As of 2023, David is 48 years old. Also, his birth date is February 17, 1975.

What is the popularity of David these days?

David is still the world’s most popular fitness trainer and motivational speaker.

What is the financial status of David?

He is still financially strong. In fact, his net worth is increasing day by day. David hasn’t filed for bankruptcy yet.

Does David have a family?

David Goggins family has four members. These include Trunnis Goggins (father), Jackie Goggins (mother), and Trunnis Jr. Goggins (brother).

How did Aleeza Goggins leave David?

In 2007, Aleeza Goggins left David. They separated because they were both under pressure. However, the in-depth history of separation is still private.

Did David grow up rich?

In his early years, David was not wealthy. David’s success is a result of his hard work and self-determination.

Final Words – David Life Story Highlights 

In conclusion, this American triathlete & ultra-marathon runner was born in 1975. His schooling wasn’t excellent. He was fat and weak. After facing a family crisis, he joined the Air Force at 19. Goggins joined SEAL Team FIVE. Later, he served in the Iraq war. He also graduated from Army Ranger School as a “Top Honor Man.” The only person to train in “elite ops” from the Army, Air Force, and Navy. 

After his unparalleled military career, David wanted to test his body and mind. So, he has participated in more than 60 marathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons. In addition, he completed 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours, breaking the Guinness World Record.

Among other things, Goggins is also a high-paid inspirational speaker. His Instagram videos are usually based on workouts and diet, reminding his followers to “Stay hard! ” Lastly, David’s net worth is $4.6 million in 2023.