Christina Wilson Net Worth 2023-Biography, Age, Height, House, Income

Her mother was a housewife who inspired her daughter for cooking which make her the famous chef of America. She is Executive Chef of Gordon Ramsay and is the owner of 2 million US dollars.

Christina Wilson Net Worth 2023

Christina Wilson is a famous American chef who has a net worth of $2 million US dollars in 2022. Most of her annual income came from her job as a chef in Gordon Ramsay restaurant and she is also a TV celebrity who earns with paid promotions.

Net Worth 2022$2 million
NameChristina Wilson
Annual SalaryN/A

Christina Wilson Early Life and Biography

Christina Wilson is the most famous chef in America and a member of the Gordon Ramsay Group, and was born on 15 January 1979 in Phillipsburg New Jersey. She grew up in New Jersey and started her early education at a local high school, later she completed her graduation from Temple University.

During her studies days, she started also working in the kitchen of a restaurant where her skills in culinary arts came out and she surprised people with her talent. But she got fame in the world after winning the 10th season of a cooking competition which is famous with the name “Hell’s Kitchen”.

It’s a cooking competition which is organized by famous chef Gordon Ramsay in his restaurant which is in Hollywood and called “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Her mother Colleen Laros who is a housewife inspired her to cook and now she has a different taste in her hand which forces people to admire her talent. She polished her skill of cooking and placed herself on the list of top chefs of America.

Christina Wilson Biography

Real NameChristina Wilson
Nick NameChristina
DOB15 January 1979
Birth PlacePhillipsburg, New Jersey
Mother’s NameColleen Laros
Father’s NameN/A
Height5 ft 8 inch
Weight70 kg
Net Worth 2022$2 million

Christina Wilson House and Cars

Famous American chef Christina Wilson is now a millionaire and she bought a luxury house in New Jersey for her family where she lives with family members. She also has a car in her garage for her personal use to travel.


In 2005, Christina Wilson started an unpaid job as a helper in the kitchen of Gypsy Saloon and continues her studies; and within two years she was an expert chef of America. She went to Philadelphia and joined a Mexican restaurant “Lolita” as a sous chef.

Christina Wilson is a hard-working woman and cooking is her passion, not her career, so she worked with heart and reached the position of manager of that restaurant. She started managing and handling the kitchen and got the title of Chef de Cuisine.

After leaving Lolita she joined “Mercato” an Italian restaurant that was on the list of top restaurants in Philadelphia. In 2012 she realized that now she is perfect at cooking so she decided to take part in the cooking competition of Hell’s Kitchen.

She participated in the 10th season of Hell’s Kitchen and won the title after beating all competitors.

After that, she was offered to be part of Gordan Ramsay restaurant which she accepted and was awarded as a head chef of Gordan Ramsay restaurant. She is currently Executive Chef of Gordan Ramsay Burger which is located in Planet Hollywood Casino.

Christina Wilson Personal Life and Relationship

 Many people who tasted the dishes made by famous chef Christina Wilson are keen to know about her personal life whether she is married or not.

So we have some personal information that she is assumed to be lesbian as many news came out that she has a relationship with Sara Ann Kelly who is public relations expert at Hell’s Kitchen.

They both uploaded many pictures featuring themselves on their Instagram accounts but in 2016 Christina told them that they are no longer together. In 2018 she started dating Martha Marie Wasser who is running her own boutique and calligraphy company.

Awards and Achievements

Christina earned too much fame and respect in her field and she also has a huge number of fans as she has 144K followers on her official Instagram account.

Christina Wilson Net Worth-Biography, Age, Height, House, Income

She was awarded the title of Chef de Cuisine; she also won the 10th season of the Hell’s Kitchen cooking competition which is organized by Gordon Ramsay since 2005. Recommended Readings: Faze Kay Net Worth, Brawadis Net Worth.


People Also Asks FAQs 

Who is Christina Wilson?

Answer: Christina Wilson is the most famous chef of America who won the 10th season of Hell’s Kitchen and worked for Gordon Ramsay.  She was born in January 1979 and is now a millionaire.

Does Christina Wilson still work for Hell’s Kitchen?

Answer: When Christina Wilson won the competition of Hell’s Kitchen sponsored by famous chef Gordon Ramsay, she was asked to join his Hell’s Kitchen; so she is a member of that restaurant since 2015.

What is the actual net worth of Christina Wilson?

Answer: The actual net worth of Christina Wilson is about $2 million US dollars in 2022, which she earns from her job as a chef and paid promotions because she is also a television celebrity.

What is the actual age of Christina Wilson?

Answer: Christina Wilson was born on 15 January 1979 and she crossed the figure of 43 in 2022.

Is Christina Wilson married?

Answer: According to our resources, she is not married but she was in a relationship with Sara Ann Kelly the public relations expert in Hell’s Kitchen, and Martha Marie Wasser because she is a lesbian.