Buju Banton Net Worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Wiki

As of 2022 Buju Banton Net Worth is 2 million$. One of the most famous Jamaican singers is Buju Banton. Originally known as Mark Anthony, Buju Banton is the richest singer in Jamaica. He has achieved many titles and attributes in his life but suffered 8 years of his life in Jail due to an accusation. So, let’s discover what is his net worth and an overall bio of his life in today’s post.

Buju Banton Net Worth 2022:

Buju Banton is considered one of the wealthiest Jamaican Musicians. Buju Banton net worth is 2 million$ in 2022. His income stream generates from his songs and music, according to 2022.

His main source of income comes from his songs. According to my research and different sources, Buju Banton annual income is $330,000, and he makes $27,500 per month.

Name“Mark Anthony”
Net Worth 2022$2 million
Annual salaryUnknown
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Age48 years old

Early Life and Biography of Buju Banton:

Earlier in his life, Buju Banton was not from a rich or elite family. His family, for instance, was living in Kingston when he was born in 1973. The family was quite happy at his birth because hews the only son in a family of 15 kids.

His father and mother both earn as daily vendors. Her mother for instance was a street vendor while his father worked in a tile factory. Buju was the label given to him by his mom in his premature youth.

The other name however was given to him because of his inspiration. DJ Burro was the artist he used to admire a lot in his childhood.

Buju Banton Biography

Birth Name:Mark Anthony
Nickname:Buju Banton, The Gargamel
Date Of Birth15/7/1973
Birthplace:Nigeria (Kingston)
Age:48 years old
Mother’s name:Merlene
Father’s name:Benjamin
Education:Rowan University, Arthur school
Religion:Under review
Height:5 ft
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Color:brown
Sexual Orientation:Conventional
GirlfriendsUnder review
Social Media:YouTube, Instagram
Net Worth:$2


The career of Buju Banton was straight as he started as a singer and remained a singer throughout. He started working actively as a singer in 1987.

In 1987, he was introduced to the best producer of the time who led him forward and made him release his first song “The Ruler”.

After this, he did not stop. He continued to get a chance of working with many of the renowned producers of the time. The journey however topped when he got imprisoned for 8 years.

He was restricted to visit the US for many years too. He got into controversies too for some of his albums. Now, however, he is out of jail and is working again as a musician.

Personal Life of Buju Banton:

The personal life of Buju Banton was not at its peak when he was famous and working. For instance, he was married to Nina Atalah. But their relationship suffered when he got into jail.

They got split due to this. However, he is known to have 15 kids of his own. According to the current update, he has wedded or is in affiliation with someone once again. However, he remains quiet about sharing his personal life things.

House and Car of Buju Banton:

Buju Banton is reportedly known to have three grand houses. His houses are in Jamaica and Florida. The news about his cars is not public. Nobody knows which cares he is using or owns.

Real Estate or Asset of Buju Banton:

Most of Buju Banton’s personal life is not known to the public so we do not know much about his real estate and assets. But his songs and singing albums are his real assets. He is the greatest musician from Nigeria who has recorded more than 40+ songs up till now including singles, albums, and studio recordings.

Awards & Achievements

For awards and achievements, Buju Banton is known to be nominated 7 times for his work. However, he did not win any award except one in 2010 for his work “Upside down 2020”.Recommended Readings:Fat Nick Net Worth, Diljit Dosanjh Net Worth.

Favourite Things of Buju Banton:

One thing that Buju Banton’s ultimate love is “Dog”. He loves to keep and pet dogs of many kinds. He is found to keep many types of dogs e.g. pit bulls, Pinschers, etc. his favourite food, sports, or hobbies are still not known to media sources.

People Also Ask Questions About Buju Banton

Q1: From where Buju Banton belongs in Nigeria?

A: Buju Banton is from Kingston Nigeria.

Q2: Does Buju Banton have a nickname?

A: Yes, Buju Banton does have a nickname called “The Gargamel”. This name was associated with him due to his black colour and it refers to a character in the cartoon series.

Q3: Why did Buju Banton suffer?

A: Buju Banton was imprisoned in jail for almost 8 years due to an illegal accusation of having cocaine with him. The jury despite having any prominent evidence of his guilt sent him to jail. For this, he has to undergo a lot.

Q4: What is the meaning of Buju Banton’s name?

A: Buju Banton is Mark’s special artistic name. Buju and Banton both are Jamaican slangs which means “breadfruit” and “Superior attitude”. Banton is also the name of a singer whom Buju Banton admired during his childhood.          

Q5: Is Buju Banton his real name?

A: No, Buju Banton is not his real name. The biological forename of Buju is “Mark Anthony”.

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