Andrew Schulz Net Worth 2022-Biography, Income, Height, wife, Dating

Andrew Schulz Net Worth and Biography

Andrew Schulz net worth is about $4 million as of 2022. He was born on 30 October 1983  in New York. His real name is Andrew Cameron Schulz. Larry Schulz a former military veteran is the father of Andrew Schulz. Sandra Cameron who runs a dance center in Lafayette St, New York is the mother of Andrew Schulz.

He grew up in Manhattan’s village. One day, he started as a stand-up comedian in a restaurant where he was worked. People appreciated him for his outstanding performance. That day, he decided to carry his career as a stand-up comedian.

He lived his childhood in Manhattan’s east village. Where he started his early education. Then his family shifted to California. In California, he joined the University of California. He carried on his career as a stand-up comedian. It was a new thing for people, so people enjoyed his sense of humor and give him much attention.

Andrew Schulz Net Worth 2022

Andrew Schulz’s net worth is $4 million USD in 2022. He has a YouTube channel that generates money most of his net worth. His YouTube channel has 1.74 million subscribers and gets 85K views every day. So the monetized channel can generate $3 to $6 per 1K views. According to statistics, he is earning $10K per month from a YouTube channel. He is making $40K to $50K from sponsorship, affiliate program, and his podcast.

Andrew Schulz Career

Andrew Schulz started his career at a restaurant where he was worked. He motivated himself and stand up before the audience present in the restaurant. He started his comedy with full zeal and motivation. His sense of humor is awesome, so he gained the attention of people.

Once great writer Shakespeare said that this world is a stage and we all are performers. When you see Andrew Schulz on stage, you will definitely realize that he is a great performer on his stage.

He is also a good actor which was part of different movies like The Female Barain in 2017, Write When You Get Work (2018), and No Safe Spaces in 2019. Andrew also was part of a team of a television series Guy Code in 2011.

He has been a cast member of top MTV2 shows like Jobs That Don’t Stick, Guy Court, and The Hook Up. In 2015, he appeared as Paul Rosenberg in a series Benders. In 2017 and 2018, he was featured in different Tv series like Hulu’s There’s Johnny, Sneaky Pete, and Crashing.

He also released a show on his YouTube channel which led him to the peak of success. Soon he was a member of a 1 million subscribers’ family. In 2022, he has 1.74 million subscribers on his channel which plays an important role in his income.

Andrew Schulz Podcast

Great stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz co-host two podcasts. His best podcast is The Brilliant Idiots on Loud Speaker Network. In April 2021, Andrew also appeared on the podcast Jordan Peterson Podcast with bestselling author and psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

He also hosts a podcast Flagrant 2 with his fellow stand-up comedian Akaash Singh, Mark Gagnon, and Alexx Media.

Akaash Singh created Patreon where they upload videos. People join them at a cost of $5 per month. Those who join them also can communicate with other members. They all are called the ” Asshole Army”.

Quick Info About Andrew Schulz

Birth Name:Andrew Cameron Schulz
Nickname:Andrew Schulz
DOB:30 October 1983
Birthplace:New York
Mother’s name:Sandra Schulz
Father’s name:Larry Schulz
Siblings:Greg Schulz
Education:Mackenzie High School
Ethnicity:African- American
Weight:76 Kg
Hair Color:Black
Eyes Color:Hazel
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Social Media:YouTube, Instagram
podcasterpodcaster, Stand-up comedian, actor
Andrew Schulz Net Worth:$4 million USD

Andrew Schulz Personal Life and Relationship

Andrew Schulz is a handsome guy who attracts the opposite sex. He is the crush of many girls due to his decent personality. He was dating Sarah Philips.

But he broke up with Sarah in 2015 due to a lack of mutual understanding in a relationship. After this, he kept away himself from public interest. He married Emma Turner in 2021. Now he is enjoying his life with his life partner.

Andrew Schulz Awards and Achievements

Andrew was awarded the Directors Guild of Canada team Award for the nomination for featuring the film My Awkward Sexual Adventure (2012).

FAQ about Andrew Schulz  Net Worth

1:Who is Andrew Schulz’s wife?
Answer: Emma Turner is the wife of famous stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz. They got married in 2021.

2:Who is Andrew Schulz’s brother?
Answer: Greg Schulz is the brother of Andrew Schulz.

3:Who is Andrew Schulz dating?
Answer: Andrew was dating Sarah Philips. But in 2015 he broke up with Sarah. Now he married Emma Turner in 2021.

4:Who are Andrew Schulz parents?
Answer: Larry Schulz a former military veteran is the father of Andrew Schulz. Sandra Cameron a good dancer who runs a dance center in Lafayette St, New York is the mother of Andrew.

5:Who is Andrew Schulz Girlfriend?
Answer: Emma Kathryn Turner who married Andrew last year 2021 was his girlfriend. In 2015 he was dating Sarah Philips.

6:How tall is Andrew Schulz?
Answer: Andrew Schulz is a 6 ft 2-inch tall handsome guy. Recommended Readings Andrew Santino net worth

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