Ana Navarro Net Worth 2022- Biography, Age, Height, Husband, salary

Ana Navarro Early Life and Biography

Ana Navarro net worth is $03 million. Ana is a Nicaraguan American political commentator and strategist. She was born in Chinandega in December 1971. Violeta Flores López and José Augusto Navarro Flores are the parent of Ana Navarro. Her father was a team member of the rebel group Contras. When she moved with her family to the United States, her father was fighting with Contras against Sandinista. The support of American President Ronald Reagan to Contras made her an all-time Republican.

Ana’s family moved to the United States in 1980. There she joined Carrollton school of Sacred Heart for her early education. Then she enrolled in a private Catholic college for girls in Grove, Miami. She was a hardworking and brilliant student. In 1993, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies and Political Science from the University of Miami. She got Juris Doctor from St Thomas University School of Law in 1997.

When Ana was a first-year student of a university, she campaigned for aid to Contras. As a law student, she fought for the rights of Nicaraguan refugees.

Ana Navarro Net Worth 2022

Ana Navarro net worth is $03 million. she is a successful political strategist and commentator. Due to her struggle in her life, she has a worth of her name. According to statistics, her net worth is about $3 million. She earned approximately $66,000 per month. She has a luxury house in Coral Gables, Florida worth $500,000.

Ana Navarro Personal Life and Relationship

Ana was married to a famous lawyer Al Cárdenas on 02 March 2019. As she was spending her vacations in Hawaii, public attention turned to her pregnancy. There are some rumors that Ana is pregnant, so she came on vacation. But she doesn’t seem pregnant.

Even she did not share any news about her pregnancy. But is Ana hiding something about her pregnancy? That’s the question in everybody’s mind. But in her recent pictures, there is no clue that she is pregnant.

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Anna Navarro’s Husband

An important thing that most people wanted to know about Ana Navarro is about her husband. Alberto Remigio Cardenas y Pardo, aka Al Cardenas is the husband of Ana Navarro.

They got married on 02 March 2019. They are still with each other and many pictures were uploaded on social media platforms. Cardenas is a lawyer as well as a politician. They both seem happy with each other and enjoying their life.

Quick info About Ana Navarro

Birth Name:Ana Violeta Navarro-Cárdena
Nickname:Ana Navarro
DOB:December 28, 1971
Mother’s name:Violeta Flores Lopez
Father’s name:Augusto Navarro
Education:St Thomas University
Weight:62 kg
Hair Color:Brown
Eyes Color:Brown
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Husband:Al Cardenas
Social Media:YouTube, Instagram
Profession:Political strategist, commentator
Ana Navarro Net Worth:$03 million

Ana Navarro’s Children

Many people are searching for the children of Ana Navarro. They wanted to know does Ana give birth to any child? No, she did not give birth to any child. She also did not adopt any orphan or homeless child. So it’s confirmed the news that she doesn’t have any child at this moment.

Ana Navarro Career

Ana is a brilliant genius lady. She is an expert in her field. After a successful journey of study, she started her career with full effort. She served much time for Republicans as an administrator. She was a member of the team for Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 1998. She was also the Director of Immigration Policy for the Government of Jeb Bush. Ana also served as an ambassador of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Where she openly condemned human rights violations in Cuba.

In 2008, she also served as the National Co-Chair of the Hispanic Advisory Council for John McCain. And for Jon Huntsman Jr in 2012. She started hi journey with ABC News as a political commentator in February 2014. She also worked with CNN and CNN en Español as a political commentator. Then she became a contributor on ABC day time talk show ” The View “. She was a weekly co-host for the show from 2013 to 2018.

In 2020, she was nominated in the category Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host for Daytime Emmy Awards.

Ana Navarro Political Positions

Ana Navarro remains a public figure from her college life. She was human rights activist like her father who was a member of Contras. In February 2013, she publicly favored to same-sex marriage petition submitted in the Supreme Court of USA.

In 2016, she supported Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. She criticized Donald Trump’s nominee for president of the Republic party. She strongly criticized Donald Trump’s comments on immigrants and labeled him a racist. People labbeld her as ” Never Trumper “.

In 2017, in Alabama Senate Elections, Ana was the biggest opponent of Roy Moore because of allegations of sexual assaults and molestation. In 2018, she voted for Democratic Andrew Gillum against Republican Ron DeSantis. Because Ron was close to Trump.

In 2020, she said that she will give her vote to Democrat Joe Biden for United States Presidential Election. on 25 October 2020, Ana and George Lopez also hosted an online fundraising concert for Biden.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ana Navarro

1:How much is Ana Navarro CNN political commentator salary?

Answer: It is difficult to assume exactly the monthly income of Ana. But according to statistics, her salary is $66,000 per month.

2:Who is Ana Navarro married to?

Answer: Ana Navarro is married to a famous lawyer Alberto Remigio Cardenas y Pardo, aka Al Cardenas.

3:How old is Ana Navarro’s husband?

Answer: Al Cardenas husband of Ana Navarro is 73 years old. He is 24 years old than his wife.

4:What is Ana Navarro’s nationality ?

Answer: Ana was born in Nicaragua and moved to America in 1980. She is an American Nationalist.

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