Alpo Martinez Net Worth 2023-Biography, Age, Wife, Cause of Death

Alpo Martinez net worth was $5 million till his death. Albert Geddis Martinez aka Alpo Martinez or Alpo was born on 08 June 1966 in East Harlem. His father died in his childhood. Alpo and his brother Puerto Rican were raised by their single mother.

He enrolled in a Roman Catholic school for his early studies. After school, he joined an automotive mechanical high school. Then he went to Julia Richman school and was dropped after some time.

He started selling drugs from his childhood in East Harlem. Then he started to make relations with other drug dealers and became the king of drugs and the underworld.

Alpo Martinez Net Worth

Alpo Martinez net worth was $5 million at the time of his death when he was shot by strangers. He was a notorious drug dealer, and most of his net worth was black money. We can’t assume the exact net worth of Alpo Martinez.

NameAlbert Geddis Martinez
Net Worth$5 million
Annual SalaryN/A
ProfessionDrug Dealer
Age55 (Late)

Alpo Martinez Career

 Alpo Geddis Martinez known as Alpo Martinez was dropped from Julia Richman high school. His father died after his birth. Only single mothers take care of them. But after dropped from school, he joined the bad people friend zone.

He started selling drugs at the age of only 13 years. First, he started selling drugs in his birth area East Harlem. After some time he met with Azie Faison the drug dealer of Westside Harlem. After that, he started moving towards and making relations with other drug dealers. One day he was the biggest drug dealer in his city.

Later, he moved to the capital Washington DC to increase his illegal business of drugs. There he met with Wayne Silk Perry, a notorious underworld gangster. He became his bodyguard and elevated his drugs activities.

Alpo Martinez Arrest 

Alpo Martinez was arrested many times due to his illegal activities. In July 1990, he was indicted on drug charges with two other men. His trial was started in November 1991. Nathaniel Watkins Martinez’s co-defendant tell the FBI that he was there when Alpo gave $300K to a drug dealer in Crystal City. And asked him to take the money to New York City.

Nathaniel Watkins said to the FBI that the drug dealer went to Martinez in the Harlem apartment which was followed by him and his girlfriend. Sherrill Gilbert, Nathaniel Watkins, and other witnesses confirmed that Alpo Martinez was involved in the drug dealing business and several murders.

On 07 November 1991, he was arrested in Washington DC. He was charged many drug charges and 14 murder charges including the murder of Michael Anthony aka Fray and Demencio Benson the Brooklyn drug dealer.

Death penalty or life imprisonment possibility without parole was the headline of every newspaper in those days. Martinez gave the information of his organization and testified against group members. Due to his testimony against Perry, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Quick Info About Alpo Martinez

Birth Name Albert Geddis Martinez
 Nick Name Alpo Martinez, Alpo
DOB08 June 1966
Birth Place East Harlem
Siblings Puerto Rican (Brother)
 Height6 ft 1 inch
 Weight75 kgs
ChildrenPoperazzi PO (Son)
 Profession Drug Dealer
 Net Worth$5 million

Relationship between Alpo Martinez and Paid in Full movie

The rapper Cameron plays the role of Alpo Martinez in the movie Paid in Full. This movie was based on the entire life of drug dealer king Alpo Martinez. The character was inspired by Alpo and pay that role beautifully.

In the movie, they show how the drugs dealer became king of the drugs business and underworld activities. They also filmed the scene when one day Alpo Martinez was shot down on Harlem street corner.

Alpo Martinez Wife

Alpo Martinez was a happily married man. But he never revealed any information about his wife. He has a son from his wife named Poperazzi Po. After his death, his son is also a famous drug dealer.

Alpo Martinez Death

Alpo Martinez was sentenced to 35 years in prison for drug and murder charges. At the age of 49 years old, he was released from federal prison in 2015. On the morning of 31 October 2021, he was shot down in his hometown Harlem. He was attacked many times and many bullets injured his face and body. But this was his last bullet. He was taken to hospital but all in vain. He was 55 years old when he was murdered.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alpo Martinez

1:What is the real name of Alpo Martinez?

Answer: Albert Geddis Martinez is the real name of Alpo Martinez the king of drug dealing.

2:Who is Alpo Martinez’s son?

Answer: Poperazzi Po the famous drug dealer is the son of Alpo Martinez.

3:Who is Alpo Martinez’s wife?

Answer: Alpo Martinez was married but never revealed his wife’s name or other information.

4:Is Alpo Martinez died?

Answer: Yes, Alpo Martinez was killed by unknown gangsters on 31 October 2021.

5:Where does Alpo Martinez live?

Answer: Alpo Martinez was born in East Harlem and his whole life he never changed his location. He also died at his birthplace.

6:How did Alpo Martinez die?

Answer: One day Alpo Martinez was in the street of Harlem when he was shot down by strangers. He was taken to hospital but he died.

7:How many years Alpo Martinez was sentenced?

Answer: Alpo Martinez was sentenced to 35 years in prison for illegal activities and 14 murders.

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