Alli Webb Net Worth 2022-Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband

Alli Webb is a very well-known and enthusiastic entrepreneur from the US who has been a cause of inspiration for many of us. With many awards and accomplishments, she has been a center of attraction for many women entrepreneurs from all over the globe. In the post, we will tell you about Alli Webb and her total Net worth of her in detail. So, let’s begin.

Net Worth of Alli Webb 2022:

According to a recent estimate, Alli Webb has a net worth of about 120M$. The major income stream for her is her Salon Dry Bar. She is known to earn 110$ Million from this salon.

She is an accomplished author as well so she earns some handsome from writing about fashion and hair styling. The monthly income of Alli Webb is unknown and kept private.

NameAlli Webb
Net Worth 2022$140 million
Annual salaryunder review
ProfessionTycoon, Writer, Professional hair stylist
Age47 years old

Early Life and Biography

Born on 20 March 1975, Alli Webb is a famous entrepreneur known all over the world. Resources show that there is no reliable information available on the internet or media as far as her childhood is concerned.

However, according to some resources, it is said that she went to school and university for higher education. She studied at university for just one year and later on moved to New York for the job.

However, she is known to have a keen passion for fashion and business. Her parents are inspirations in this regard because they left a legacy for her by running a clothing business.

Biography Table of Alli Webb:

Birth Name:Alli Webb
Nickname:Alli Webb
DOB:20 March 1975
Birthplace:United States
Age:47 years old
Mother’s name:Under review
Father’s name:Under Review
Education:“Olympic High Institute,


Florida State University”

Height:5 F
Hair Color:Golden
Eyes Color:Brunette
Sexual Orientation:Conventional
Husband:Cameron Webb
Social Media:Twitter, Instagram
Profession:Businessperson and writer
Net Worth:$140


As far as the career of her Alli Web is concerned, she has gone from many ventures until reaching the position where she is today. She started as a hairdresser and worked in a shop for about 15 years.

Her experience and passion for hair and fashion led her to offer the services on her own. When her business grew he felt the necessity to twitch a personal enterprise. That’s when she started and laid the foundation for a salon in the US named Dry Bar.

Despite being known for her prosperity; Alli Webb is a very private person. She is the co-founder of the Dry bar hawser of salons and it grew from $1.5 million to $19 million in just two centuries. Apart from that, she has a line of goods. As of March 2019, she acted in the shark tank’s event in 2016.

She is also passionate about writing and publishing. She loves to write about hair and fashion. New trends in fashion and hair styling are the hot topic she loves to write about.

House and Cars

Alli Webb is originally from Florida but for job opportunities, she moved to New York at an early age. She started working in New York but then went back to Florida and started her own business called Dry Bar.

So, now she is residing in Florida and owns a house of her own. However, nobody knows the car she is using or has used.

Personal Life or Relationship:

Alli Webb got married to her longtime lover, Cameron Webb. After spending 16 years of marriage Alli and Cameron decided to divorce and they are now officially departed and separated.

They have two kids too. However, a recent report on Alli Webb Shows that she is now involved in another relationship and is found to be dating Adrian Koehler (a life coach).

Real Estate or Asset of Alli Webb:

Her main asset is her business Drybar and a side business named in-home hair styling services. She also has many publications that can be considered her main assets.

Awards & Achievements

Alli Webb has achieved some significant awards for her accomplishments. For instance, in 2013, she was labeled as the utmost innovative personality in the domain. In the same year, she was cited in the famed personalities section 40 under 40. She is also recognized as the best beauty professional in 2011.Recommended Readings: Diljit Dosanjh Net Worth, Jacob Tremblay Net Worth.

Favorite Things of Alli Webb:

She likes hair styling and hair-related activities. Alli Webb likes to write about hair treatments and hair services, especially hair drying. She also likes keeping pets.

People Also Ask Questions About Alli Webb

Q1: What is Drybar and What is the connection of Alli Webb with it?

A: Drybar is a beauty salon shop in America that is quite popular and recommended all over the country. Alli Webb is the organizer of Drybar. She was the one who initiated this salon following her passion.

Q2: What is the estimated income of Alli Webb from her salon?

A: A recent estimate shows that Alli Webb makes 110M$ from her salon Drybar.

Q3: How many kids do Alli Webb have?

A: Alli Webb was married but got divorced later on. However, she has two children from her ex-husband.

Q4: Who is the founder and owner of Drybar salon?

A: Alli Webb and Michael Landau are the founders of Dry Bar Salon. Alli Webb following her passion started providing services of a blowout. Soon, he recognized the need for her own company when her services went viral. So, considering the need of the hour he laid down the foundation of Dry bar salon.

Q5: Why is Dry Bar different from other salon companies in America?

A: Dry Bar is a stand-out, amazing salon that is known not just for providing services but is most importantly famous for the self-assurance and confidence it provides to its customers and consumers.


In short, Alli Webb is an inspirational and influencing personality who has set an example for many entrepreneurs to follow their passion and make a living out of it. In the US, she is the richest among women entrepreneurs with a message for others to recognize their abilities and team up with other competent people to make their mark in the world.

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